Sunday, August 31, 2008

Spring has sprung!

(GORGEOUS mosaic made by Romantic Home @ flickr

It's the first day of spring down under and I'm thrilled! Like most this is my favourite season of the year. Today is a gorgeous 21 degrees celcius. My husband has just begun his 7 week vacation from work and as we're not going away on a big holiday this year I am going to put him to good use at home and do some much needed spring cleaning and sprucing. Soccer season has finished and finally we as a family can come out of hibernation and dust off the bbq. Happy Spring season fellow southern hemisphereians and happy fall up north :)

I also HAD to mention, being the proud mum I am, my son's soccer team are the premier grand champions for their age/grade this year. They won their grand final match on saturday morning after extra time, going into a penalty shoot out and my son scored the winning goal! :)


Thursday, August 28, 2008

More Blue and White splendour...

One of my newest favourite images is this picture of a laundry room with Thibaut toile wallpaper. I don't know that I'd ever be brave enough to paper an entire room, perhaps a large panel, however this room, to me, looks stunning. I could definately see myself actually enjoying the boring household chores in a room like this.

^^ This room is definately something special

(the above 9 images are from pointclickhome)

(Kishani Perera via Desire to Inspire)

(J.K Place - Capri)

(the above 4 images are from House Beautiful)

^^Possibly my most favourite Kitchen image ever. That single blue and white motif is absolutely glorious.



I love love love skirted vanities :)

I have been daringly thinking about painting a wall in my kitchen a similar shade of blue as my kitchen features are similar to this pic. I have timber floors, white cabinetry and black blue pearl granite counter tops as well as loads of blue&white china.

(the above 6 images are from housetohome)
I am also looking for a similar shade of blue to this wall for my sons room.

There are an endless amount of blue and white interior images you can find online, my collection was just a small example of favourites. I hope you find some inspiration amongst them :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ahhh blue & white.......a classic!

I found myself sighing out loud when I discovered these two heavenly images on Dreamhouse. No matter what style I find myself loving throughout the years I will always surround myself with blue and white accents. Blue and white means home to me. My grandparents loved blue and white and so does my mum. It's timeless, it's alluring, it's classic!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The two that got away and the one that didn't...

As part of my daily blog check I always look to see what masterpieces my two favourite artists have created. Back in march Anna from ABT introduced me to the very talented Janet Hill and I immediately fell in love with her paintings of interiors, clothing and portraits. I dedicated a post about my favourite of her paintings and I just had to add these two recent masterpieces to that list. I tell ya, you gotta be quick if you want one of her pieces, they sell quicker than a blink of the eye. I wished I had been quicker with these two......Absolutely lovely!!
(above images courtesy of Janet Hill Studio - The evening picture)

(image courtesy of Gail McCormack)

Fortunately for me I was lucky enough to snag the original of this stunningly beautiful painting by my other favourite artist and new friend Gail McCormack, affectionately named "Girls in Paris". After I've had my custom frame made I'll post more pictures.

I'm am thrilled and completely smitten with these lovely ladies. I've been a fan of Gails work for many years especially her trademark shabby roses. Again, you've got to be lightening fast as her pieces sell instantly. It's exciting to see Gail branch out from her usual but still stunning style and paint other interests. This is my second purchase from Gails collection. My other is another of her experiments, a rooster, which I adore however quite contradictory as I have a real rooster in my yard who is driving me crazy and am actually counting down his last days till he ends up on my dinner plate LOL ;)

Someday I hope to add to my art collection from these brilliant women with the ultimate vintage roses original from Gail and the ultimate lady portrait from Janet.

If anyone knows of any other artists with a similar classic style I'd love to be introduced :)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Margot Montgomery...

Picking up the latest issue of my favourite Aussie magazine "Country Home Ideas" I discovered a designer I'd never heard of but immediately fell in love with her style.

I adore the muted tones throughout her home in Paddington, Sydney.

From the magazine - The atmosphere Margot creates in her own place is reminiscent of homes in the French countryside - Provence perhaps. "France and Italy are my favourites countries to visit, and whatever I buy wherever I go, I never worry about where I am going to put it. If I like it, I get it" she admits, "and then I think about that later".

Sadly I possess the same impulsive tendencies without Margots budget lol.

A sweet cottage kitchen - nothing fancy, very simply but ever so lovely!

CHI - When she refurbishes a house, she always has the walls freshly painted, but with colour that's rubbed in to give them a patina. All of her rooms are painted with soft tints so one room blends with the next.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bathroom!!! the simplicity, the elegance, so perfect.

I have to say Ms Montgomery's style reminds me alot of Jessica McClintok. So utterly soft and feminine without force.

CHI - There is a clear freshness in Margot's decorating and she maintains it's the 'ingredients' like natural fabrics such as silk and linen, shutters, soft light and fresh flowers that help create "That somewhere special to come home to".

I apologise my scanned pictures aren't of better quality but I just had to share this wonderful designer and her heavenly home with you :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Empire Vintage...

Back in February I posted about a fabulous little shop in Melbourne called Empire Vintage, owned and run by entrepreneur Lyn Gardener. Lyn, as well as offering a design service also lends her talents to styling her warehouse home for photoshoots and commercials and has been featured in many magazines around the world.
Anyhoo, recently my Aunty was visiting her daughter (my cousin) who lives in Melbourne and I asked her if she would mind visiting Ms Gardener's gorgeous shop and take some piccies for me as I still have yet to make my way down there.
She graciously agreed and I wasn't disappointed with the results.
By the looks of the window display I'm already in love!

If I were there I'd definately be putting a white letter A in my shopping basket :)

(Look Heidi - Ampersands! hehe)

Lovely old clock...

I spy a vintage globe...

Awww knitted blankets just like nanna used to make...

love the vintage prints...

And LOVE that floral bedspread?

This looks like my fishing basket :)

I think this is a rusty old iron daybed, whatever it is I LOVE IT!!

Vintage prints, fabrics, clothing, ironware, chippy painted furniture, quirky accents........This store is filled with treasures. Thank you Aunty Beryl for taking me along on this awesome tour of this beautiful place :)