Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Natalie Lynn Photography

I finally found my copy of Romantic Homes magazine at Borders book shop yesterday. Borders really is one of the best shops on the planet. Oh god how I love to forget about the world and get lost in that place with my starbucks white chocolate mocha frappe in hand.
What a darling little magazine it is. I didn't realise it was so petit in size but filled with the loveliest things. I couldn't wait to read all the romantic stories written by my new blogging pals and see their stunning layouts. As I was walking to the counter, a cover of a wedding magazine caught my eye and I actually bumped into another customer *blush*. I am not planning a wedding but I just had to buy this magazine. The cover and feature photo's were by Australian photographer Natalie Lynn. I really don't know anything about Natalie but she looks to focus her photography on fashion and I'm completely in love with her pictures. The feature in this wedding magazine is called Marie Antoinette - one of my favourite subjects.

Wedding dresses seem to get wackier and wackier these days and I love them! Love the hair and LOVE LOVE LOVE the set design.

Check out Natalie's website. Her stunning imagery are in abundance.


(image courtesy of The Paris Apartment)

Also, don't forget to buy a copy of february's Romantic Homes magazine. Available at Borders book shop.


Happy Birthday Sunshine...

(Soph showing off her birthday pressies including the sweet little Corolle doll, stunning trench coat and even the fabulous pink and cream toile de jouy bedspread)

My darling Sophie had her big 9th birthday today. I don't think I like the idea of my baby growing up so fast! ;)

Good times....

(Sunset at the lake house)

(Ha my kids aren't always this friendly to each other)

(Oh how they love the beach)

(water babies)

(ickle Zach)

(A spot of cricket anyone?)

(The perfect day for it)

(Even Brazilian's play cricket LOL)

(perfect golf practise)

We had a brilliant weekend with my whole family at our holiday house over the Australia day long weekend filled with drinking, eating, laughing, crying, an afternoon game of backyard cricket, an evening game of scene it and of course a day at the beach.

I am so grateful for time spent with my mum and sisters. Unfortunately we don't do it more often. This year, we vowed that will change.

Tomorrow is a big day. The kids go back to school for the new year and it's my baby girls 9th birthday :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Busy times...

(A local historic museum and the kids in front of the old van of Harry's cafe du wheels - a very famous Sydney landmark)

(A park across the RAAF)

(My trashed living room! lol)

As most of you probably know, it's summer time down under in Oz and the schools are on their annual summer vacation time (only one week left thank god lol). My kids are at home with me during this time 24/7 and I have to admit they're driving me nuts lol. Although I live in a family friendly neighbourhood I feel my children are too young to be wandering around the streets with their friends getting into mischeif so it's up to me to be their entertainment. Entertaining children can be a costly exercise so we've been doing alot of bike riding at the park, swimming at friends and turning my family room into an aeroplane lol. The last couple of days we visited an historic museum and drove out to the Royal Australian Airforce base to watch the planes. Basically the last few weeks have been all about the kids.

Having said that I did manage to sneak off to a couple of concerts this week for my favourite band in the world - Bon Jovi!!! They haven't toured down under for 10 years so we were well and truly due! My friends and I had a blast! Absolutely outstanding! They completely blew me away. A wonderful escape from reality lol.

Coming back to reality we were hit with the news the next day of Heath Ledgers death. I didn't know him personally but I was definately a fan. Like everyone else I'm saddest about the fact that we'll never see just how many more phenomenal performances he would have given and I'm sure an Oscar was imminent. RIP Heath, you will be missed.

My family and I are heading back to our lake house for the long weekend as a final family break before the kids go back to school so I'd like to wish all my fellow countrymen and women a very Happy Australia Day! Aussie, Aussie, Aussie - Oi, Oi, Oi. Hehe ;)

When I return I know I have ALOT to catch up on and I can't wait! I hope you all are well...take care :)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ok my turn...."I want to live here!"

(All the pictures are courtesy of realestate.com.au)

While I was on the subject of fantasy furnishings I just had to post about one of the most heavenly and awe inspiring homes I've ever seen. The kitchen of this completely exquisite house adorns the cover this month, of my favourite Australian home magazine - Country Home Ideas Vol. 6 No. 9
The opening paragraph to the article accompanying the beautiful photographs inside reads:
It's no wonder that Kieran and Ngarie, the owners of this property, have cut more than one holiday short to come home to this magnificent abode. "When we travel, we can't help but compare where we're staying to what we've got at home", says Kieran, "and usually find we cut our trips short, as it's so much better here than any hotel!".
This immediately resinated with me as I feel any person who's as passionate about creating their dream home as I am, would want to feel exactly the same way about their ultimate result.

As most of you know, my dreams usually reside in a "french box" and this home is a southern Greek revival mansion, modelled on the grand southern American plantation homes. The interior though definately has a French feel to it. I LOVE IT! I love that it's situated on 30 acres in one of the most beautiful rural areas of NSW. About 30 mins from where my dad lives. I love the Symmetry of the house and the gardens. I love grand french doors and windows. I love the pretty decorative mouldings. I LOVE the provincial blue and white kitchen. I love the supremely luxurious marble bathrooms. I love the guest quarters above the seperate 4 car garage. I love the sweeping views over the stunning country side of the southern highlands. I love the lush rose gardens. I love the Laura Ashley custom window coverings and I LOVE the beautifully ornate ironwork on the balconies and staircase.
This castle is truly a masterpiece and if I had a cool 5 million I'd buy it in a heartbeat. This property could potentially become a heavenly spot to host weddings and special functions. My personal interior would consist of more pastel colours but remain equally as opulent.

Thank you to Kieran and Ngarie, Country Home Ideas magazine and realestate.com.au for allowing me to wander through and marvel at this absolutely unforgettable place!


Thursday, January 17, 2008

My fantasy 1st dibs shopping experience...

(I adore this little french bathtub. It would look so sweet in my future laundry room. I don't know what I'd use it for - perhaps wash the dogs lol)(I've always fantasized with the idea of having beautifully detailed ironwork across my windows or Juliet balconies just like those in France - It's my favourite French architectural element)

(This painted settee is stunning. It would be my own little piece of Versailles)

(Again I've always dreamed of owning an antique French bakers table - someday I will!)

(Can't forget a sweet wire bird cage)

(Oh how I love chandeliers - especially antique with loads of patina)

(I couldn't resist these french scrolly floor lamps - Oh so gorgeous!)

(How fabulous is this concierge chair? I've never seen one for real before - I love it!)

(These pink apothecary jars are just too darling and would look perfect in my bathroom)

(I'll definately have this stuning blue commode for my entry foyer thank you!)

(Finally, my house wouldn't be complete without this heavenly old rusty french bistro style garden set for my future front courtyard complete with water feature and koi)

Have you ever visited the 1stdibs.com site? Nate Berkus from The Oprah show recommends it all the time. I'm sure most of you have but just incase some of you haven't it's where antique, mid-century modern and vintage furniture and lighting dealers from all over the world come together to one incredible online fleamarket and sell their unique wares.
Of course living in Australia as well as a humble working class lifestyle means any actual purchases for me are only a dream so in that case, wow did I spend a fortune last night lol.
We are slowly renovating our home therefore I am constantly looking for unique items to furnish it. I love pieces that will create a conversation about what it is, where it came from and why I love it so much.
If I had a platinum credit card handy, these are just some of the exquisite pieces I found for sale on the site. Head on over and have some fun. They have countless dealers and thousands of treasures. You'll love it!