Friday, February 29, 2008

My perfect house...

(above image via style court)
As most of you know by now I have a facination and love affair with European architecture and interior design and I have discovered a new place of interest that is definately going on my "bucket list" lol. If I had an endless amount of money this is what my house would look like ;)

The Swan House, built in 1928, is a grand Italianate mansion that is an Atlanta landmark, once the home of Edward and Emily Inman, heirs to a cotton brokerage fortune. The Swan House is an excellent example of the Second Renaissance Revival style and represents the architectural and decorative tastes of affluent citizens in the late 1920s. The house was designed by a well-known Atlanta architect by the name of Philip Trammell Schutze in 1928 and decorated by Ruby Ross Woods of New York.

(the above 3 images are via xinmincat @ flickr)

I don't know alot about architecture but I know what I like. Symmetry was Schutze's no 1 priority when building this magnificant home and that is the extact no 1 reason why I adore it so.

The name of the house is drawn from the swan or bird motifs that grace many of the interior rooms.

This is a close up of the front of the Swan House. It has two staircases like this one because architect Phillip Shutze had a need for proportion; this one is the miniature version of the larger stone staircase on the bottom. That intricate ironwork is incredibly beautiful.

(the above 3 images are via Hueyatl @ flickr)

The house is filled with english and Italian style elements including this stunning iron lantern.

This is the back of the Swan House. This is where the chauffeurs would drop off the guests when special social events took place at the Inman's residence so even though it is the back it really looks like the front of the house.

The interior of the house is as elaborate as the exterior and features five rooms of distinction: the entrance vestibule, the entrance hall, the library, the breakfast room and the dining room. Other rooms include four bedroom areas, a sitting room, a full basement and an apartment in the attic. I'm completely in love with the chinoiserie wallpaper and lets not forget that chandelier!

(above 3 images are via lalejos1 @ flickr)
This is a picture of the guest room at the swan house. It is simple yet comfortable. The wood floors on this level of the house are oak wood. This room is different from the rest of the house because it is plainer with simple furniture and no fancy portraits hanging on the walls. I actually don't mind the colour scheme and the sweet floral accents.

Stunning architecture like this rarely exsists in Australia. If anyone has visited Swan house, knows anymore about it or has other photo's of the interior I'd LOVE to see and read about it :)
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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I found heaven on earth!

(images courtesy of Harem and All things bright and beautiful)

(I am immediately going to order some of these dreamy silk and velvet pillows, GORGEOUS!)

Oh how I love Felicity from All things bright and beautiful and this outstanding post she did on the boudoirlicious store Harem! I'd never heard of this store before today but apparently Brunswick street, Fitzroy, Melbourne is the place to be!
After my post about Empire 111, I have GOT to get my butt down to Melbourne for some serious retail therapy! I love Melbourne and the last time I was there was 2001.

This shop, filled with vintage fashions designed by Harem's owner and founder, Sasha Dommershuyzen, and antique style accessories and homewares must be an absolute dream to work in. I worship everything that fills it's shelves and covers it's walls.
I think I'm going mental. One minute I'm obsessed with all things white and clutter free and the next I want to cover everything in Chinoisere wallpaper and fill with treasures and trinkets.
I think the blogging world is starting to mess with my mind. How rude! LOL ;)
To put things in perspective, I guess what I mean is, for my own home I love to surround myself with colour and texture and stuff that makes me smile but if I were to go away for a weekend or longer I would probably love to stay somewhere more on the pure white, stress and clutter free side ;)
Please, please, please check out Felicity's post about this amazingly beautiful shop and also have a peek at their heavenly website.

A little help anyone?

These three breathtaking images were taken by a wonderful photographer by the name of Sharyn Cairns. This particular place, I'm almost positive is a guest house you can rent for weekend stays but for the life of me I can't remember where I saw the article that accompanied the pics and I have forgotten where the guest house is exactly. I have searched and searched through my book and magazine collection and still haven't come up with anything. I vaguely think it's in Victoria. If anyone can help me with the location or you have some other images of this place I'd really appreciate it cause quite frankly I'm so in love with it I want to stay there LOL.

What is it with me and white spaces lately?

Sharyn Cairns also has some beautiful images in this months Country Style magazine and check out her lovely website.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Just a little boost...

My bff Pru is selling her stunning contemporary style beach house in the picturesque town of Forster on the NSW mid north coast.
Featuring 3 huge bedrooms with massive built in wardrobes, brand new designer kitchen, newly renovated bathroom, gorgeous dark timber floor boards, old style high ceilings throughout and a fabulous pool. This house is in a prime location and is within walking distance to one mile beach, schools, clubs, shops and the golf course.
Pru is an avid decorator like myself and you shoulda seen this place when her and her husband first bought it - yuck! Pru has worked tirelessly and lovingly brought this house back from the brink of despair and forward to the 21st century.
Unfortunately as Pru has 4 gorgeous daughters who are growing up ever so fast it is time to move on and find something bigger. She can't wait to get her teeth stuck into her next project.
I think I am as excited as she is lol :)
If anyone is interested you can find the listing here:

My favourite dresses of the evening...

(Anne Hathaway in Marchesa)

(Calista Flockhart in Vintage Valentino)

Well, red really was the colour of the evening but Anne's Marchesa dress was WOW! I adore her as an actor and I really feel she stole the show.

I also couldn't ignore Calista's Valentino dress. Some say it was too bland and she played it safe. Maybe so, but Valentino will always be classic to me - I love it - and the colour?......... Perfection!

(images courtesy of Just Jared)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Attention - Dream Bathroom Alert!

Everytime I try to do an original and unique post I stumble accross something so incredible from a fellow blogger I can't help but share their fabulous find.
During my daily visit to Desire to Inspire, I saw Jo's post on the amazingly talented Swedish stylist - Eva Lindh.
All her pics Jo chose were so beautiful and her website was filled with many more treasures, but what really took my breath away was this bathroom.
My very own renovated bathroom was inspired by a room just like this, but now I realise what mine is missing - a beautiful rug! What a perfect romantic sanctuary.
Oh I love her style!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Jean Harlow and old movies...

(Marilyn Monroe as Jean Harlow)

(Dinner at eight)

Isn't she fabulous?! Don't you just love her?! Don't you just love Dinner at eight?! I hadn't watched this movie for ever so long but after buying my new copy of Romantic homes magazine and seeing the darling Jean Harlow - Dinner at eight picture in the back, I was prompted to hunt the movie down and watch it again.

Those sets are so over the top yet absolutely fabulous! I adore old movies. My favourites are Hitchcock thrillers - especially Rear Window. My very favourite onscreen siren is Grace Kelly but I also love Marilyn flicks - who doesn't? lol ;) Another favourite is Doris Day in Pillow Talk.

I guess you could say I have a thing for blondes? lol

If you have any suggestions for ultimate vintage movies with fabulous sets please let me know :)

(how gorgeous were the 50's sets?)

p.s Aussie's, Romantic homes march issue is now available. I purchased mine at Borders. There's a feature on the gorgeous home of beautiful Sara Duckett of the Sadie Olive blog :)

(image courtesy of Sadie Olive)

pp.s I thought I'd treat myself to a little pressie from Ebay this week to add to my very own "cabinet of curiosities", and it just arrived in the post...weeeeee aren't they cute? hehe ;)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The best post ever!!!

(all images courtesy of Cote de Texas)

I'm absolutely sure most of you rush over to Joni Webb's truly remarkable and awe inspiring blog, affectionately named Cote de Texas, before you come to me lol, but by the slight chance you didn't, I suggest you skoot over there and marvel at one of the best posts you'll ever see.
Dedicated to her love of chandeliers, Joni has compiled a group of the biggest and most beautiful rooms that'll leave you breathless. Another thing Joni is famous for apart from her fabulous picture compilations, is her wealth of knowledge and she discusses the history and popularity of these exquisite forms of lighting. For my own personal records I couldn't resist posting a couple of my favourite rooms from her group.
Don't delay, get over there immediately and enjoy! ;)