Tuesday, July 21, 2009

An oldie but a goodie...

I've been researching music rehearsal studios and I came across this collection of pics of The Osbournes old Beverly Hills mansion. Yes the Osbournes were a dysfunctional family but who doesn't love their home :)

It's the perfect mix of masculine and feminine. Sharons bathroom (on the second row) Is simply heavenly. It's probably the size of my whole house haha.

The tv room on the fourth row has definitely found me some inspiration ;)

Like Pamela Anderson, Sharon Osbourne held an estate sale, I think after they sold their Beverly Hills mansion and sold off most of her exquisite French treasures as she has decided to go for the minimalistic look (silly woman haha). Oh how I wish I were able to attend this sale!

Top pic by The Real Estalker

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bathroom remodeling ideas - Modern Bathroom ideas

Have you ever walked into a bathroom when you stay in someone's home and only said: "Wow"? Now I ask you, if you think that people are "Wow" feeling in your bathroom.
te. luxury bathroom suite
If not, you may be able to put some real charm in your bathroom with a few simple changes that can alter the nature of the room entirely.

If you think you may be able to take on a major renovation of the bathroom, there is nothing like coordinating tile, shower and sink in one area striking color combination.

luxury bathroom suite
You can go with black tiles and black marble shower and counter tops to look into a combination of fine white porcelain sink offset really make guests take notice when entering this room. You add some red towels and throw rugs and bath that is a real visual delight for the eye.

Many times the guest bathrooms may seem very small closed and everything you can do to open the room is a big step in the remodeling plans.

If there is a wall that you can use to add windows to allow sunlight to flood in the day, which can make this bathroom look twice as big with just one simple improvement. But then if follows that change with the addition of sunlight to the above, it will look a little bathroom open to all of Mother Nature. This bathroom will be completely different thoughts about it with just these two changes.
Modern bath
Another great way to completely change the nature of the bath is to transform it into an ordinary spa bath remodeling in several steps which will not only make your bathroom look great, but is much more luxurious for you and your family. If your bathroom is small but there is some space in the room next door to you application, you can turn that tiny lavatory in one place people will want to linger. Things to change include ...

. Double or triple the floor space of the bathroom by drawing on the wall and extend the pluming to reflect new improvements.
. Take that small whirlpool tub and put up instead of a bath.
. Add a hot tub or steam bath.
. Add plenty of light, space and mirrors, so there is plenty of room to a luxurious bath time in this room.

Modern bathroom

Sensual Luxury Bathroom Furniture
Modern Minimalistic bathroom
Modern Minimalistic bathroomMinimalistic bathroom

Although most of these changes will be used by you and your family, which appears to extend bath would be really impressive. Do not be surprised if people disappear in the bathroom and never came back for awhile. When they were impressed by the bathroom, they may want to soak up its atmosphere.

Picture Source: http://www.momoy.com/

Luxury Bathrooms Collection - Redecorate your Bathroom

If you're looking to redecorate your house there are many things you can do. What happens, but if you want to redecorate your bathroom?
This is not as difficult as you might think and there are a lot of things you can do to revolutionize your existing bathroom decor to something newer and more modern. Major changes does not mean that it must have been expensive.

Brilliant Modern Bathroom Decoration Ideas
You can get a good looking bathroom even if you are on a budget. You will often need to cut a few corners, but they should not be too heavy or something dramatic. One of the best ways to recover to your bathroom, if you are on a tight budget is to go at it gradually. Take it point at a time or even a project on time and change your old bathroom decor in your new bathroom decor.

The problem, however, is that you can not see a dramatic change taking place, instead you will have a gradual change which can be quite inadequate at the time. Therefore, one more thing you can do is to change the decor of the bathroom all the time.

This can be a great pleasure for the eyes and can brighten the mood considerably when you see the changes that are classics. The best place to start your bathroom project, whether you are on a tight budget or not, is to take the time to sit down and plan what you want changed about your bathroom decor.

Unless you're completely redesigning your bathroom is not likely to change any of these devices. Since most of the major appliances are staying will have to decide what is your old bathroom decor that you like and what you want to change.

Luxury Bathrooms

This is not as clear as you think, that not everything is tangible at first glance. Therefore you should take the time to take a good hard look at what you can do with your bathroom decor. To get best effect let's start with the walls, they need a fresh coat of paint or you can get away with a few strategically placed pictures and mirrors.

If you just change the shower curtain that can significantly improve the appearance of the room. Look at the carpets and bedding and assess whether to change them as well. Good place for you to start with the color scheme or a theme in mind.

If you can choose what you want your bathroom to look like ultimately - within your budget - they can continue from there. A few decorative elements here and there will enhance your bathroom and can eventually work. Mingled with a few key figures and expensive new bathroom decor may be what you want.

Do you already own items that can be used to completely recreate the bathroom decor. Look around your house and determine whether there are elements who feel would look great in the bathroom.

Look in the basement or in the ceiling, quite often have hidden things that do not know what to do or not to use time and will look great in your new bathroom. This crystal dish that you received for your wedding nothing better in the ceiling, place some decorative soaps or potpourri in a dish and have done two things, you saved a beautiful dish of Forgotten Realms and have much room for soaps.

Picture Sources: http://www.digsdigs.com/

Modern and Stylish Bedroom Designs - Fresh Bedroom

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lovely Leura...

Thinking more about my trip to The Blue Mountains I decided to stalk around looking for properties for sale. I found this little gem in my favourite Blue Mountains suburb of Leura.
Look at the views this treasure has to offer!

What a sweet but not so small cottage.

From the realestate website - The best of both worlds, views and a garden and seldom available! One of the very few outstanding gardens with panoramic cliff edge VIEWS from the cascading waters of Wentworth Falls to Bowral Gib. Sited on over 2 ½ Acres of Paul Sorensen gardens, crammed with mountain exotics meandering gravel pathways, dry stone walls and native bushland, you can see forever from this beautifully maintained and much loved weatherboard residence. There are 3 bedrooms, a 4th or study, 3 bathrooms, formal and informal living areas plus a massive family room leading from a thoughtfully designed kitchen and super sized laundry. High ceilings, pretty picture windows with a treed backdrop and valley vistas , plus gas log fires and a bore for the garden, all add up to the ultimate in privacy, tranquillity and seclusion. Located just around the corner from the Fairmont Resort, the Golf Course and less than a 90 minute drive from the city.

I adore the colonial picture windows.

I would put a sumptuous window seat in this bay window.

If this is the formal lounge I'd paint the walls either antique white or a very soft beige. I would also perhaps add a little more plasterwork to ornate the ceilings. The slow combustion fire would either be replaced with a white version or somehow moved to the other wall and create a stone mantle fireplace. The sofa's would be white French settee's with an aubusson rug and a tufted ottoman used as a coffee table. And of course lets not forget the grand chandelier ;)

If this is the familyroom the carpet looks to be sisal which I already love. I'd have a linen couch, perhaps another large ottoman coffee table but I'm unsure of what lighting I'd use in this room.

The kitchen is small but delightful. With such a lack of storage cupboards one would hope there is a massive walk in pantry somewhere ;)

A beautiful chandelier is definitely needed in the dining room,...

as well as the bedroom. I'd have a beautiful off white French Louis bed and I'd probably place my soon to be covered aqua velvet, tufted love seat at the foot and place my French style vanity and leopard print chair in the bay window. I'd have duck egg blue silk curtains and a damask wallpaper feature wall and probably another aubusson rug.

Imagine waking up everyday looking out from your bedroom window at that view!! It may not be the ocean but still equally as beautiful.

Beautifully manicured gardens.

Unfortunately, to live this lifestyle you'll need just under two million dollars *sigh*

It's always nice to dream though ;)

I also quickly wanted to mention my excitement about Jason Sullivan winning the Home Made competition. I can't wait to see his future designs!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

For the love of the Sweeds...

A few sundays ago my family and I took a day trip out to a wonderful part of Sydney called The Blue Mountains. It's one of my favourite places to visit, especially during winter. The air is so crisp and the autumn colours still present on the foliage is beautiful. It's a very old part of Sydney about a 3 hour drive inland from the coast. It has so much character with it's quaint cottages and shops and lets not forget the breathtaking expansive mountains and parklands.

While visiting one of the most exquisite shops - Maison Montage - in a little town called Leura I was lucky enough to finally grab a copy of this enchanting book - Swedish Interiors.

I know most of you probably already own this heavenly gem but I wanted to post a few of my favourite inspirational images from it's glossy pages.

please click image to enlarge

my sincerest apologies for my dodgy scanning.

This room is usually a little more contemporary for my taste but can you imagine the wonderful parties one could host in a setting like this? An abundance of candles and mood lighting, complementary music, dancing and comfortable conversation surrounding that crackling fire.....It's a little bit awesome don't you think? :)

I've also made some new Swedish blogging friends I'm excited about...

Splendid Willow - A Sweed living in America

^^ I am sooooooo in love with this room! *sigh*

Wabi & Sabi - Sweden

Stop by and say G'day, they have some STUNNING images!