Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Family On Australia Day

I'm a week late I know but didn't get a chance to upload these earlier. Last tuesday was Australia Day and we had a wonderful family BBQ at my mum's new place. I have an extremely talented photographer brother in law and I had to show off his pics of the day :)

My girl Soph :)

My boy Will :)

My baby nephew Logan :)

My big nephew Zach :)

Pool fun with Zachy and his dad :)

My mama :)

The food and beverages were heavenly :)

My brother in laws Scott and Rique and my sister Sarah :)

Awwww it was too much for some ;)

On another small note my son started highschool (middle school) last thursday and I'm still trying to come to terms with it hahaha :)
How did he get so big so fast?

Will and his best mate Bailey :)
I know this post is completely design unrelated but I couldn't help but show off my beautiful family. They mean the world to me :)


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